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Since I have this account, I suppose I should post something here. /o/


aldfjkhdgjkhladkhgjadhg I'm leaving for England on Thursday please save me. .___.
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so how goes packing?
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Good, good!

Indeed you do! I packed the day/night before for months in Japan (which turned into a year). :)) You'll be fine. :x:x:x:x:x:x:x
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I always forget about the limits and you do get to bring a small amount, hm. dkj I hate them. D: D: D: Good luck with it! :x:x:x:x
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And England should be awesome? Though I would be nervous, too.
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You must get out! You cannot pack from under there.
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AFTER packing. Not before!
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England? That sounds like fun! Good luck on the packing! :D
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Only if I take your place.